Who do I contact if I am interested in hearing more about the services you offer?
What type of inspections do you conduct?
  • Interior and Exterior property inspections
  • Roof inspections
  • Other inspections by request

    What are your coverage areas?

    Inspectors on Demand offers inspection coverage nationwide. Contact us at if you have questions about a specific location.

    How long does it take to arrange an inspector for my customer?

    Assignments are dispatched immediately to available field inspectors. Most inspections occur within 24 -72 hours.

    Do you handle steep and two-story inspections?


    How do I go about signing up to become an Inspector?

    Visit our website at and click on apply now.

    How many inspections can I expect on a weekly basis?

    The number of claim inspections for each inspection/adjuster can vary based on claim volume, the area you are working and experience level. However, once you have filled out an application, completed all necessary on-boarding along with training modules - someone will be reaching out to determine the next steps with Pilot Services on Demand.

    How much time do I have to complete inspections?

    Servicing the client's needs in a timely manner is very important to us. Therefore, to confirm the claim is completed promptly we request that the service level requirements set by the client or management team must be met or exceed. This can be done with all clients by inspecting the loss within two days of receipt of the claim.

    How far will I be expected to travel?

    Claims are received throughout the country, however, the phone application allows the inspector/adjuster to designate the radius they can travel to service a claim. This allows the inspector/adjuster to prepare for the claims they receive.

    What equipment will be needed for assignments?

    There are many different tools an adjuster or inspector will need to service the claim. These are provided and maintained by the inspector or adjuster. Below is a list of the basic tools you might need.

    • Laptop
    • Printer
    • Navigation/GPS
    • Camera
    • 22' Ladder
    • Tape Measure
    • SIdewalk Chalk
    • Shingle Guage
    • Toolbelt or Backpack
    • Pitch Gauge
    What kind of pay can be expected?

    Inspectors and adjusters are paid a commission based on weekly billings to Pilot's clients. Commission are a percentage of fee schedule approved by each client. Specific details regarding each client pay structure including factors such as mileage are provided at the beginning of each assignment.

    Which clients can I expect to work for?

    Pilot Services on Demand serves many clients both large and small in all 50 states and we are on-boarding new ones regularly. Our network of adjusters and inspectors is vital to the success of the program, and we look forward to you becoming a part of the team at which time more details will be provided regarding individual clients.