Actionable claim information,
delivered with speed and accuracy.

Fast. Accurate. Efficient.

Inspectors on Demand combines the strength and reliability of the Pilot Group of Companies with innovative mobile technology for increased speed, accuracy and efficiency within the claims handling process. Our inspectors connect with insurance representatives in real time through our mobile app, streamlining the collection and transmission of on-site data to settle claims as quickly as possible. 

Claim Inspection Services

  • From the roof to the basement and anything in between
  • Delivered with lightning fast speed
  • Performed by professionals who effectively represent your brand and ours
  • Real time relay of inspection results to your adjuster

Estimate Preparation and Adjusting Services

  • State-of-the-art facilities nationwide
  • Quick, scalable options to meet your needs
  • Largest, most experienced licensed claim staff in the industry
  • Thousands of virtual estimates completed monthly
  • Around the clock solutions reduce cycle times and create happy customers

Innovative Virtual Claim Solutions

  • Quick, easy claim submission process
  • Connects you and your customer with the most qualified local inspector
  • Effortlessly track your claim every step of the way
  • Real time interaction between the field and office

Game Changing Technology

The use of smart technology to provide claim inspection and adjusting services is growing at an exponential rate in our industry. Inspectors on Demand is at the forefront of that expansion. Our proprietary mobile app combines a streamlined work process and flexible environment for our inspectors with careful observance and measurement of our customers’ service level requirements. The result is a customer experience that is fast, fair and efficient for all stakeholders in the claim process.